How to Write an Essay Outline

How to Write an Essay Outline

While doing cleaning, how do you arrange your items or things? Do you just place them wherever you find any space or you sort them out in a particular manner for easy location? Writing the outline of an essay is quite similar to the above situation. To write an essay outline, first and foremost it is fundamental that you fully comprehend the purpose of an outline in an essay. This will allow you to be able to draft one for your paper. The outline in an essay seeks to serve many purposes one of them being simplifying the writing process. An outline also helps you to put your ideas in place and note what is to be included in the different parts of your article. However, drafting an essay outline is not as simple as many students may believe it to be. To write an essay outline, ponder on the following tips from

  • Identify and understand the topic. This will help you know what type of essay you are to write about and allow you to easily come up with the ideas to include in your article.
  • Use a mind map. You may have too many ideas to embrace in your paper hence you may not know how to include them in your essay. The essence of a mind map is that it makes it easier for you to sort out your ideas and opinions in a simplified manner which enables you to fully know what seems relevant in your article and what does not.
  • Create an introduction. It is essential you begin your introduction with a string hook which seeks or aims to capture the attention of your reader(s). The introduction is important as it introduces your audience to your article.
  • Develop a strong thesis. A thesis is crucial in an essay as it holds or is the main argument in your paper. Developing one shows that you understand the topic of your article. Additionally, it helps you to easily begin your body paragraphs.
  • Create sturdy body paragraphs. The body paragraphs in an essay are very important. This is because they seek to further explain and give evidence of what you have stated in your thesis. Learn to begin each body paragraph with a topic sentence. Additionally, use transition sentences to distinguish the paragraphs of your essay.
  • Develop a conclusion. The conclusion of an essay is vital as it helps show your audience that you have come to the end of your essay. Ensure that while concluding your essay, do not include information that you did not previously state.
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