How to Write a ‘Benefits of Cloning’ Essay

How to Write a ‘Benefits of Cloning’ Essay

The standard essay structure includes an Introduction, Conclusion, and Body. Begin your ‘Benefits of Cloning’ essay with an introduction. A strong introduction is invaluable as it engages your reader. For example, “The previous ten years have displayed amazing results concerning human cloning. Many moral, ethical, and social arguments have emerged regarding human cloning; that is viewed as a sort of reproduction. Human cloning simplifies the replacement of deceased loved ones as newborns. The cardinal difference between cloning and existing reproductive technologies is; cloning requires not the fertility of the biological parent, and one can select the desired genes for his/her child.” As the example above demonstrates, an introduction to the topic is given, and a thesis statement is established which the essay’s body will expound on.

Upon your introduction’s completion, move to your essay’s body. Your essay’s body must accomplish the promise you made in the introductory paragraph along with supporting your conclusion. Here, you can give examples like, “The first mammal to be successfully cloned was Dolly, a sheep. This was a shocking science and biotechnology symbol which crossed boundaries and eventually became uncontrollable. Gradual cloning improvements have enabled researchers to migrate to other animals like goats and mice. Despite recent technological progressions, animal cloning remains inefficient.” You can additionally assert in your essay’s body the possible benefits of cloning like how it would facilitate the study of genetic diseases and regenerate muscle and nerve cells hence alleviating serious ailments like Parkinson’s. Lastly, discuss the opponents and negative reactions of cloning and how opponents warn that human cloning is like “Playing God,” and it threatens the cloned person’s individuality along with eroding family relations. Upon completion, move to your conclusion.

Specifically, your ending should echo your essay’s central ideas along with your thesis statement. It should summarize your essay’s sub-points and leave impart an interesting final impression on your reader. For example, “Facts confirm that cloning is necessary in contemporary civilization for many apparent reasons. It helps our life quality and eradicates congenital disabilities. Organ recreation is highly advantageous, and I have no moral issue with it as it saves lives globally. We can clone animals for food to annihilate world hunger. This innovation has numerous upsides that outweigh the moral issue it springs up.  We all hope to live longer, and cloning can achieve that. I believe cloning should be lawful. How about you”?

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